Adult Programs


All indoor adult sports programs follow New Hampshire's Universal Best Practices. Pickleball begins November 1. Check out our calendar for the schedule (all programs with a yellow dot take place in the gym) or see below for a typical gym schedule. Programs are subject to cancellation due to insufficient enrollment or the absence of a volunteer coordinator.

Step 1: Register (this is a one time registration)

Step 2: Fill out health screening each day you participate

Step 3: Pay each day you participate.


Programs are $3 cash or $20 per punch card ($2,50 per punch). Alternatively, you can pay below online (a $0.50 convenience charge is included).

Pickleball Sign Up

Due to the large volume of demand for pickleball, please sign up using the link below to choose your sessions. You can always go back and edit your schedule as time goes on and personal schedules change. You are signing up for the duration of the season (November-April) and you can pay as you go. Each session will be limited to a certain number of  players and each player will be limited to three sign ups per week. Special sessions (workshops, practice sessions etc.) will be made available as time allows. Players can sign up for these in addition to their 3 regular weekly sessions.

Sometimes you might not be able to make it to your session. That's okay! See below to find a sub. If you want to play more, be a sub! You can play more than just your 3 weekly sessions as a sub. If you are having difficulty accessing the list, be sure to use the email you registered with.

Typical Gym Schedule:

Check out our BBC Debut!

2021 NCCC Pickleball Schedule.png

Check out our very own pickleball program featured on BBC World Service! Many thanks to BBC Correspondent and our new favorite pickleball pal, Jane O'Brien, for interviewing our participants and sharing the joys of this sport with the world.

Courtesy of BBC World Service